How do I get a WorkPerks card?
The WorkPerks rewards program is available exclusively for Reston Town Center tenants. Contact your concierge if you need to be issued a card.

Is there a fee for clients to obtain a WorkPerks card?
No. If you work or live in Reston Town Center, this is a complimentary program offered to you.

What offers are available to me?
We’ve partnered with many restaurants and retailers throughout Reston Town Center to offer deals just for you. View our restaurant offers and retail offers.

How do I receive updates on the offers and the program in general?
WorkPerks special offers and privileges are emailed to WorkPerks cardholders at the beginning of each month.

Do I need to register my card or activate an account online?
Yes. Once you receive your card, register online to begin redeeming the featured offers. The cards do not include any sort of electronic strip or bar code. However, there is a unique ID # on the back which is assigned to each individual cardholder. The cards are non-transferable.

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