What is Perks?
Perks offers a dynamic collection of special deals, experiences, rewards, and privileges. As part of the amenities to your workplace, you are eligible to receive discounts at our Perks partners. The Perks collection includes unique shopping and dining experiences and privileges, special merchandise offers, hotel room upgrades, priority seating, exclusive happy hour deals, select Perks-only event invitations for grand openings, VIP entry, and more.

How do I view available Perks?
View available Perks on:

  1. Simpli—Perks are located under the Exclusives Tab on the home screen. Find out more about the app, Simpli.  Available at select locations.
  2. workplaysave.com/perks or simpliengage.com/perks—Partners are broken down by category.

How do I redeem Perks?
You can redeem a perk directly from Simpli by clicking on the desired perk. This will direct you to a page to view a promo code or by downloading the virtual perks icon available at workplaysave.com/perks or simpliengage.com/perks. Once the promo code, icon, or discount is visible on your phone, you can show it to the respective retailer.

Is there a fee to use Perks?
No. The Perks program is a free amenity to your workplace.

How often do new Perks become available?
New Perks become available all the time. Perk partners are encouraged and required to change their offerings quarter. Seasonal and holiday offerings are available as well. Discounts and promos will have expiration dates so make sure you stay up to date with when discounts are beginning and ending by checking out our website.

How am I notified when new Perks are available?
Since new Perks become available at any given time, we recommend staying up to date by checking the list of Perks on Simpli or the websites listed above. However, Simpli will notify you when new Perks become available. You will also receive a quarterly email with Perks updates, new offerings and new Perks partners.

Who do I contact if my Perks don’t work?
Please contact perks@simpliengage.com. Also, feel free to contact your onsite concierge or social manager if you need assistance or have trouble redeeming your Perks.

I know of (or own) a local business that I would like to add to Perks. What is the process for a company to become a member of Perks?
Apply online at simpliengage.com/perks or email perks@simpliengage.com if you are interested in becoming a Perks partner. Our Perks team will reach out to you shortly!

Is Perks the same as The CARD?
Perks is Simpli’s new rewards program. Similar to The CARD, you can redeem rewards and receive discounts at stores, retailers, and restaurants. The CARD is no longer in existence but Perks offers similar and even more discounts.

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